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Thu, 10 Nov 2016

New 2017 Harley-Davidson Ultra Limited Review

When Harley-Davidson® finally revealed that they were introducing a brand new 1745cc (107 Cubic inch) air/oil cooled Miluwakee-Eight Engine for their new touring motorcycles, the ripple of anticipation throughout the Harley-Davidson® community was evident. It was finally here.

Despite their legendary history, we're always hungry for better throttle response, more power and a smoother ride, so being selected to test drive the new Harley-Davidson® 2017 Ultra Limited was an honour to say the least.

My first impressions upon first sight of this beautiful machine were apparent as I took my seat, and immediately recognised the much slimmer profile around the leg area, which I was told was due to the air cleaner having been made more compact. Taking my position on the cushioned seat, it didn't take long to get comfortable and as I began the journey, the increased power was noticeable immediately. The new engine boasts four-valve cylinder heads, dual spark plugs, a single chain-driven camshaft fitted within a sleek, contemporary casing and the results? A machine that pulls like a train - it literally devoured the road.

Regardless of the new technology and improved engine, the New Harley-Davidson doesn't lose any of its classic character and the richness of the exhaust notes remain music to the ears. Even as the Sat-Nav led me down some bumpy single track roads, I was pleased to say that this beauty absorbed all the bumps for a much smoother ride and with the vent in the fairing, I didn't feel any buffeting of the head. As the sun set, I was making my way back and the new LED lights lit the road up fantastically and all I can say is that not only was it an amazing ride on a phenomenal machine, I have no doubt that it will live up to every Harley-Davidson® enthusiast's expectations.

Looking back, it's easy to see where Harley-Davidson® have focused their attention. Significant upgrades to the aesthetics, it's throttle response and growl and not to mention the comfort upgrades; it's a whole other level.

But it doesn't lose it's personality and that's what I love about Harley® bikes. Even drawing it's feel compared to my 2012 Road Glide, it's like returning home after renovations. Just an improved feeling to what I already know. No matter what gets improved and changed, it's always the bikes we've come to love with the fine tuning that we need to keep our attention.

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